Getting started on ProcessOut

This guide will help you get started with everything you can do on the ProcessOut platform.

Configure your gateways and smart route transactions

ProcessOut is at its core a smart router for payments. We make sure every transaction takes the best possible path available to optimize your revenues and minimize your costs and fraud.

In order to provide you with the best paths, the router needs to have several ones to work with. To get started, go into your Dashboard ↗ › Payment providers › and add a new payment provider.

Store your cards on the ProcessOut third-party vault

When starting a business, storing the cards of your customers on the payment gateway you use is easy and great. However, as your business grows you’ll need some additional flexibility so you can switch from one gateway to another and not get locked in.

ProcessOut offers every merchant the possibility to store the cards ↗ of its customers, and can use these card in any of the integrated payment gateways. This effectively gives you back the power of switching from one gateway to another and have leverage on the payment processing fees.

Accept alternative payment gateway payments

Although ProcessOut focuses on smart routing transactions made with credit cards, we also provide merchants with an easy to integrate solution ↗ for alternative payment gateways. This lets merchant reach broader markets where the card isn’t always the preferred solution. Alternative gateways range from well-known ones in the US such as PayPal to very local payment schemes such as Alipay in China.