Dashboard permissions

The ProcessOut dashboard allows you to give your collaborators access to your global payments data, including the analytics, transactions, customers, finance or development tools.

Adding a collaborator to your project

Adding a collaborator to your ProcessOut project is very easy: if you’re an Owner of the project, simply go to your ProcessOut dashboard, and in the left-side menu click on Settings. In the Team sub-menu, click on the Add collaborator button and enter your collaborator’s email, and save.

An email will be sent to the address provided with onboarding directions. Your collaborator will then be able to access your Project’s dashboard and see the data you’ve given it access to.

Handling permissions for your collaborators

Collaborators can have two types of permissions:

  • owner, which basically grants all rights to the user, similarly to the primary owner of the project;
  • or use Permission groups.

In the same Settings > Team section on your ProcessOut dashboard, you can configure Permission groups. Each group can be configured to grant specific permissions to the Collaborators part of these groups:

  • Customers grants access to all data related to your Customers, including personal data, Cards used and Transactions processed per Customer;
  • Developer tools grants access to API credentials used to interact with ProcessOut, as well as other programming tools such as Events and Webhooks setup;
  • Finance reports grants access to Payouts, Uploads and Exports;
  • Monitoring grants access to Telescope and the Analytics/Monitoring tools;
  • Payment settings grants access to your configured Payment Service Providers as well as your Routing Rules;
  • Subscriptions grants access to your Customers Subscriptions handled on ProcessOut;
  • Transactions grants access to Transactions processed on ProcessOut as well as their related information, such as their related Card or Customer.

Each Permission can also be set up in either Read or Write access. Read access only allows your Collaborators to see the data, whereas Write also allows them to create new ones, or update/delete existing ones.